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Pest Elimination Specialist
Wasp Elimination
Rodents  All Kinds
Mole Trapping Services
Land/Crop Management
Woodworm Treatments
Pest Elimination Services
For many reasons, including protecting public health pests need to be controlled.
For your protection and peace of mind, we offer a wide range of services contracts and Pest treatments.
From one off riddance programs to full scale audit compliant service contracts.
Pest Treatment and Service Contracts.
Straight forward, no-nonsense pest control tailored to your requirements.
With no two pest incidents ever being alike, KJW Services  offers straight forward pest treatments and service contracts.
Personalised to your needs ensuring quick effective treatment at value for money.
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Creating and maintaining your Pest free environment.
Pest infestations range from anything from a nuisance outbreak of fleas at home, to a terrifying invasion of bed bugs, putting your home, business or reputation at risk.
Land/Crop Management.
Professional and insured vermin / mammal control. (Ground game, corvids, foxes, deer) Normally required for crop protection, livestock during lambing or tree protection.
Kenny Gun
Woodworm Treatment.
Competent and immediate spray treatment to eliminate any further damage / infestation to your property.
Full site survey and comprehensive & investigative inspection.
Sovaq Insecticide
Wasp Elimination
Typical wasp nest treatment, Prices start at £30  - Access and treatment & your geographical location are critical factors.
Multiple nests can be treated in same location, £10 per additional nest.
EFK (Fly Killer Servicing)
A very important and critical piece of equipment, a requirement in most food / production food premises. Bulbs need changed annually, quarterly service intervals
Kenny Weddell
Mole Trapping
Mole can be not only destructive to you manicured lawn, but present a real problem & vet bills for Livestock & horse owners.
Mole Hills
Insect Spray Treatments
Domestic, business areas all covered.
Covering a whole host of ‘things’, from Ants, Larder beetle (SPI’s) varied carpet beetle, plaster mite, moths. Insecticidal wipe downs for fruit fly etc.
A company who’s owner has over 3 decades of pest control experience to offer, highly motivated and available for Domestic & business pest control requirements, from riddance programmes to annual contracts, bedbugs to moles, foxes to mice.
No issue that’s not been seen before and overcome satisfactorily in the past.
With in-depth site surveys to investigate and identify the cause of the issues and to offer cost effective and permanent solutions to keep YOU pest free, call or email today.
Qualifications and Accreditations
RSPH Level 2 Award in Pest Management
Livestock & Crop Protection.
Fully Insured (£5 million)
Qualified NRA RCO,
DSC (Deer Management Qualification) 1 & 2
Registered venison dealer (SLC)
Humane Dispatch Qualified, EFAW+F.
EX-MOD Range officer
Contact Me Below
Kenny J Weddell
Middleholm Cottage,
Lesmahagow, Lanark,
Scotland, ML11 0HL

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